Friday, November 20, 2015

Play Oven slipcover

I have a couple of friends who are good at making me step outside my comfort zone when it comes to my sewing/craft. This is one of those projects.
Cath sent me a picture with an idea of what she’d like to do for her daughter Claire’s upcoming 5th birthday. There were no instructions or pattern which was very like Cath…. She has a lot more faith in me than I do and I love her dearly for it.  So…. She turned up one night with her chair and an armful of fabric and away we went.

The plans changed a little along the way and I’m still amazed by how well it turned out.

You can’t have an oven without an opening door!

And best of all… it just slips over a dining chair and gets tied at the back, so not only can it be packed away easily but it can also be removed and washed.

Claire just loves it and I'm pleased to say it's getting lots and lots of use!! :)



Thanks so much for your comments...... It's nice to know i'm not just talking to myself!