Friday, October 26, 2012

Bragging about my girl!

Early last month we had our local show...... I have been patiently waiting since then for Miss 13 to show off her creations on her own blog 'Little Miss Thimble' so that I can then share them with you. Seems that's not going to happen any time soon, so here goes!

Cute heart cushion made from scraps leftover from the quilt I made for her room:
She saw a similar one on pinterest that came from 'U Create' and just made it up as she went along to match the size of the cushion insert that we already had.

Then there's the cute little owl cushion to match..... 

Owl shoulder bag, made from linen.....
Own design, after seeing several similar ones online
(She has had lots of comments on this one so there could be a tutorial coming up soon
if anyone is interested)

First attempt at grub roses..... clever girl!

And..... a monster pencil case!

I'm pleased to say that all her sewing items were first place winners in their various categories....

Then there was her cooking, for which she received several first places as well as a second and a third.
Unfortunately, the photo I took of her novelty cake seems to have disappeared from my phone so I can't share that one with you but she decorated a giant cupcake-shaped cake and it turned out fantastic.

She took home the Over-all junior Champion ribbon for her efforts and was very pleased with herfself!

Will share Master 10's creations with you soon too!

Until then...