Sunday, August 5, 2012

Upsized Charm Square baby Quilt instructions

I've had a few queries about my Upsized Charm square baby quilt's that I made here, herehere and here, so I thought I'd blog about the changes I made rather than detailing the instructions in emails to individuals.

To make mine a little larger, I used 1.5 charm square packs (63 squares).... so with two packs it meant I had enough squares to be choosy about which ones I used.

You will need
42 x 5" squares
21 x 5" squares cut in half to make 42x  5x2.5" rectangles
6 x 2.5" strips of white sashing (39.5" each)
2 x 6.5" strips of white sashing for the top and bottom

You can then make 7 rows, each with six 5" squares and six 5x2.5" rectangles alternating between starting the row with the 5" square or the 5x2.5" rectangle

If you want to add a name etc to the borders, just make templates from a word font to applique.

This one is definately my favourite so far.... I just loved the colours:

I hope this helps.