Friday, October 30, 2015

A Quilt for Linda

There’s a gorgeous lady that I work with who has been battling with her health for the last little while. All of us that work with her were keen to do something to let her know just how much she is missed and loved in our office so we decided to make her a quilt. Since most of the ladies I work with aren’t quilters, at times this meant stitchery lessons in the office…. which our boss was very lenient with. 

We decided on a pattern I had sewn a couple of times before - ‘Friendship’s heart by The Birdhouse’ with a few changes to the wording to make it more appropriate. We also changed the Cat block to dogs which Linda loves and used Hatched and Patched drawings for inspiration.

 We backed it in flannel so that it would be nice and cosy and personalised it with a special message.  

We’re all so thrilled to have Linda well again and back at work!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Rainbow Sock Monkey

This cute sock critter was made by Miss 15 – he was a special order for a little girl who had been in hospital for a short while.  Miss 15 even stitched Ebony’s initial’s on his bottom!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Coffee and Walnut layer Cake


Work birthday’s seem to come around awfully fast when you’re the chief cake-maker…. I’m certainly putting my Kitchen aid mixer to good use!

Greg’s birthday this week, and since he’s not actually a big cake person I kept it simple with Nigella’s Coffee and Walnut layer cake which you can find here. It was a really easy to make, delicious cake and with lots of coffee drinkers at work it was a big hit.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Santa Sacks for Reid and Marlie

A little bit of Christmas sewing…..
These little Santa sacks are for my dear little niece, Marlie (4) and nephew, Reid (1) for Christmas.  I made one of these years ago for another niece, Shannon, using a pattern from an old magazine…. But do you think I could find it to make these two? I ended up borrowing Shannon’s back so I could make my own pattern from it.  They turned out great and I’m loving the more modern colours I chose this time… makes me want to re-make Shannon’s (but she loves it just how it is).

Sorry about the sideways picture.... I just couldn't get this one to co-operate (it seems this happens whenever I take pictures on my phone).