Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mum!

Another Snap-happy bag I made for my Mum's birthday last Thursday..... not a book bag this time but a pouch to keep all her bits and pieces tidy in her Frilly Dilly Bag I gave her for Christmas. I also made a matching lanyard for her phone and filled the pouch with some other goodies!
Happy Birthday Mum..... Love you!

Until next time.......

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Circle is Complete!

For the last few weeks now I've been madly stitching this project and it's been killing me not to share it with you.... I soooo wanted to share!

About four years ago my wonderful friend Nic (Creative Disorganization) and I made a very special quilt for our dear friend Cath (no blog) and about two years after that I received the same quilt made for me by Nic and Cath. It's been a long time coming but Cath and I finally got together and made Nic her quilt so that we now all have a very special quilt made by wonderful friends and the circle is at last complete.  While all three quilts have been made using the same pattern and a lot of the same fabrics, they are all still unique and different and I love how they all turned out.

It's Nic's quilt that I've been madly stitching for the past few weeks as Cath really doesn't enjoy the hand-stitching side of quiltmaking (and she's way too critical of her work).... I put her to work doing lots of other jobs ;)
The blocks before they were joined.... except one which I must of missed photographing

The flimsy all ready to go off to the quilter.....
I sent it off on Monday this week and had it back by Tuesday!

All done.....quilted and bound, ready for wrapping!

All three of our beautiful quilts

The quilt I received for my Birthday two years ago:

Cath's quilt....the one that started it all!

The pattern is called "Friendship's Heart" by The Birdhouse and I think it would have to be one of my
all-time favourite patterns. The fabrics we used were from several different ranges allthough most of them were by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

I've set this to post later tonight, so that by the time it appears on my blog I will already be at Nic's birthday dinner and she will have no doubt opened her pressie.....why not pop over to her blog and give her some birthday LOVE!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIC!

Until next time........

Sew Yellow!

Master 8 needed something yellow to wear to the swimming carnival as well.  I really don't make as much for him as I do Miss 11 (it's just so much easier to sew for girls), soooo.....armed with a case of the guilts and some yellow and white star fabric leftover from Miss 11's dress.....this is what I made:
He was pretty stoked that I'd made him something but unfortunately It probably wont fit him for long......
I really should have chosen a larger size!
I'm happy to report that Namoi won the day......Go Namoi!

Until then........

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy, Busy!

I'm still here..... and would you believe I've been sewing like mad??
Not much I can show you yet I'm afraid. I've finished a swap pressie for the Nundle retreat coming up next month and I've also made progress on a Club Quilt swap item and another swap item for a Hatched and Patched swap with the Friends in Stitching group that I've recently joined. So.... lots of secrets I'm keeping from you....but not for too much longer!

I can however show you this little dress I made for Miss 11 yesterday..... she was recently chosen as the Sports Vice-captain for Namoi House at school this year and the house colours are yellow. It turns out yellow is not the easiest colour to find in clothing so I decided to make something quick and easy for her to wear to the school swimming carnival next week. I drew up a basic pattern using the little girls dress pattern from Retro Mummy as a guide (It only went to a girls size 6 and I needed a ladies 10). Surprisingly.....all went well and I think it turned out very cute!
We added the tie as an afterthought which gives it a little more shape.

Until next time.....