Friday, August 28, 2015

Kids show creations 2

Master 12 also entered a novelty cake in the show…. This great little hamburger cake wasn't overly difficult for him to put together and sure looked good enough to eat!

Instructions for this one came from Food Ideas magazine and I'm pleased to say Master 12 took out first prize for this one as well.

Another show entry for Master 12…. This time a giant cookie that looks like a pizza for the novelty made from edibles section.

The idea for this one also came from Super Food Ideas magazine where they decorated a cake like a pizza instead of a cookie.



Friday, August 21, 2015

Kids Show Creations - Hobbit House Cake

This cake just blows me away….. and thejudges must have like it too, since it took out first place in the open Noveltycake section!
Made entirely by Miss 15 for the show (shehas so much more patience than I do) – entirely her own design and every bit isedible, from grass to fence posts.
She started with a large rectangular cakefor the base and used a round cake which she cut in half and sandwichedtogether for the ‘house’. The rest is all icing…. So clever!

It even has a stone pattern on the icingwall and timber on the door, window and fence!

And amazing little hand-made vegetables inthe garden bed!

The grass was done using a special pipingtip.

Miss 15 also entered lots of other cookingand did very well…. She ended up with a Champion ribbon for her chocolate cakeand overall junior champion exhibitor.