Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy Scrolls

I've been making scrolls a lot lately..... they've been such a hit at home with the kids as well as with the bigger kids at mine and my hubby's workplaces and they're so easy to make:

Dough Ingredients
300 ml Water
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Sugar
600g pack bread flour and 1.5tsp yeast

Tomato Paste or Pizza Sauce
2 rashes Bacon (rind removed and chopped)
Fresh Basil
Grated Cheese
(or whatever takes your fancy)

I cheat and throw all my ingredients in my bread machine on the dough setting, but if you don't have one you could make your dough the old fashioned way..... I'm sure you're all much more clever than and I am!

Once the dough is ready I spread it out on a board and top with tomato paste or pizza sauce, chopped bacon, fresh basil and cheese so that it looks like this:

Roll it up and pinch dough closed

Cut into roughly 2cm slices and spread out on a greased and floured baking tray

Bake at 180 degrees C for about 30 mins

Serve hot or cold.....Yummo!
Makes about 15


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sewing of the Non Quilting Variety

Another lovely day at Club Quilt today but unfortunately I'm working on a secret project at the moment and can't show you what I've been up to.... I can however show you the shirt I made for myself last week:

I used New Look pattern no.6515 and while I'm not fussed on the fabric I now know that it's a good fit and I can make another one using some favourite fabric I have stashed in the cupboard. I think I'll give the sleeves a miss on my next one too!

Until next time......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stacked coins Finish

You may remember this quilt top I made back here and here...... well, it finally came back from the quilters just before Christmas and I managed to get it bound at our last Club Quilt sewing day back on the 9th?

I'm thrilled with the swirly heart pattern the quilter used, which you can see here:
I love how it has turned out and can't wait to give it to dear little Claire when she turns 1 next month!

Until next time.......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogging slump

I've really struggled this week to write any blog posts at all.... with all the devastation that has been taking place in Queensland and now other parts of the country, anything that has been going on in my little world just seems so insignificant. It's been heartbreaking to read and watch all the stories and I've found myself sitting bewildered in front of the television instead of the sewing maching a lot these last couple of weeks. Fortunately, my family and their homes in Dalby, QLD have been spared even though it was pretty close at one stage with water running under my Sisters home, they have stayed safe, thank goodness! I'm hoping to get a chance to contribute to the below flood appeal's that I've come across in blogland.

If you'd like to help, Retro Mummy is calling for 12 1/2" quilt blocks to make into quilts (there is a great video on her blog with instructions for a Wonky Log cabin block) and Gum Tree Designers are collecting sewing kits to be sent off to quilting groups in the affected areas (the list of inclusions can be found on their blog).

Hope you're all safe wherever you are and I promise to share some quilting in my next post!

Until next time.....

Friday, January 14, 2011


I've just joined a new Club Quilt challenge for 2011..... MIAF (Make it a finish)!
The initial idea was to make a list of all your UFO's and see how many you could finish in the year.... since I don't really have UFO's as I'm one of those odd people that likes to finish what they start before moving on to something else. I know. STRANGE! Anyway, it was decided that since Cath and I didn't have UFO's we could include projects we would like to make that haven't yet been started, so this is the list I came up with:

1) Bind Sweet Menagarie Quilt
2) Bind Stacked Coin Quilt
3) Finish Aunty Lin's Country Hearts Quilt
4) Finish Aunty Lin's Baby Quilt
5) Finish Cath's Country Hearts Quilt (she's never going's been 5 years now!)
6) Shaggy Quilt from Bliss Flannels
7) Bagalicious - Girl Friday Bag
8) Bagalicious - Pita Bag
9) Bagalicious - Sunrise Bag and Wallet
10) Quilt from Pure Jelly roll

The two quilts to be bound are actually my only UFO's although they've only been waiting to be finished for a couple of weeks.... there were three of them but I managed to get one done last Sunday which I'll show you soon. The two quilts of Aunty Lin's are ones that I inherited recently (sadly, she passed away about 6 months ago before she got a chance to finish them) and Cath's country hearts quilt belongs to a friend of mine who now has five children and very little time to sew!

Hopefully I'll manage to get them all finished this year!

Until next time......

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Now I can Sew!

You might be wondering where all my holiday sewing projects are?
These three quilts all came back from the quilter's just before Christmas but I haven't even had a chance to think about binding them yet....... soon though....very soon!

What I have been doing is some much needed sanding/plastering/painting around the house.....

The railing all around my back deck needed sanding and a couple
of coats of paint....very time consuming!

These timbers under the front verandah had never been painted!

A fresh coat of paint for the front door.....much more welcoming!

The hallway needed some plasterwork and a new, more neutral colour!

And finally.... I convinced Hubby to hang some nice timber blinds (that I've had in the shed for years waiting to be cut to size) on the three loungeroom windows!

As much as I would have prefered to be sewing, I'm so pleased that all these jobs are finally done. It's not often I get 10 straight days at home and I wanted to make the most of it, so after Christmas was over Miss 11 and I spent 4 days on the house. She was a wonderful help and I couldn't have got so much done without her..... It turns out she's pretty handy with a paintbrush!

Today I can finally SEW!

Until next time....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Final OPAM for 2010

Here we are in 2011 already....... I really don't know what happened to 2010, it just seemed to whiz by didn't it? I hope you've all had a wonderful year and thankyou for all your comments and encouragement throughout the year..... I really appreciated them!

I just realised that I had two more December finishes for OPAM (One Project A Month) 2010 that I hadn't yet blogged about..... although I'm sure you're all sick of seeing my Snap Happy book pouches by now??

My sister requested one with "no flowers" .....
so this is what she received for her Birthday early in the month
I also made one for our Niece for Christmas but was is such a hurry to get it wrapped up that I didn't take any photos of it.....Duh!  I used a black and white floral fabric and some red and white polka dots....which was really cute, just a shame my brain wasn't working!

So that brings my total finishes for the year to 76.... and when I joined I thought I'd be happy just to have one finish each month! *Happy Dance*

A huge thankyou to Peg and Kris for the great job you do in sorting through all the finishes each month and organising the fantastic glad you're both going around again this year!

Until next time.......