Sunday, September 30, 2012

I actually sewed something!!!!

I have actually gotten a little sewing done recently in amongst all the other crazy stuff going on around here..... not quite finished yet as you can probably tell, I haven't yet snipped all the seams or removed my marking lines from the squares but just had to share....

I think the range is 'Ruby' by Bonnie & Camille and being flannel it's just so lovely and cosy.
It's already beng fought over and it's not even finished! (Even hubby commented on how nice it was)

Not very exciting, but I also got this little project done.......

Our recyling used to be picked up in white recyling bags but we now have large bins instead..... I didn't want to throw away the old frame that the bags fit in so I thought I'd make a new bag .... I lined it in ripstop nylon so that it doesn't drip water from the washed containers on Master 10 when he empties it (you'd think it was acid the way he went on, lol).... no more complaining, Yay!

I hope you've all been a lot more productive than I have.