Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lego Birthday Party

This week saw me busy preparing for Master 9's Lego themed Birthday party.  Birthday party's only happen once every few years in our household so they're sort of a big deal. The lego theme was lots of fun and thanks to all the clever people out there in blogland I had lots of great ideas to work with. Needless to sewing happening here at the moment! :)

First there were invitations to be made..... I used the instructions from Spotted Canary

Followed by Lego man cookies..... tutorial courtesy of SweetSugarBelle

Lego head cake pops....thanks to Amy of Living Locurto

And of course, a Lego looks better if you squint a little as the cake was a bit crumbly and was awkward to ice, lol.  Inspiration for the cake was from here only I used melted chocolate set in tealight candle surrounds to make the bumps which worked really well!
Inside was multi-coloured too......

Party loot boxes.... thanks to Deliah creates

More cookies..........
all packaged up to go in the loot boxes along with some lollies and of course chocolate!

And lastly.... the decorations.... tissue paper pom-pom's hung from the roof of our deck.
These are really quick and easy and you can find the tutorial here.

Thanks to all of you who generously shared your ideas..... It was a great day and certainly made Master 9 very happy. He's still grinning!

Until next time.....


  1. What a great theme for a boys party! Everything looks so good.

  2. What a fantastic theme and so well done... I bet birthday boy was very impressed with his Mum xxx

  3. That is a brilliant idea, and you found so many clever ideas.

  4. How cool is this party!!!!!!!! You did loads of work. Well done.

  5. WOW! What a great party... I've got a birthday in a couple of weeks... I'd LOVE a Lego Party too :)

  6. My Mom saw your post and sent me the link to your blog. My son will be 8 in November and is OBSESSED with Lego's. Thanks for the great photographs and links. I will be copying you ideas! Wow, you cut my search to zilch!!! THANKS!

  7. So cool have been VERY busy...sounds like it went very well.

  8. Hi there, I see you have used the lego loot boxes template. I was hoping to do so as well, but the link does not work on delia creates. Just hoping you may still have a link that works or something that you may be generous enough to send my way.
    hope to hear back
    PS your cake looked amazing.

  9. Nice setup for the party. You’ve used some creative ideas. I’m also organizing a party for my son’s 6th birthday this weekend. Since most of my family is here in LA, all of them will be invited so we’ll have a long list of guests. We have booked a spacious hall in one of the Los Angeles event venues for the party.


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