Sunday, December 5, 2010

Water Rising!

Lots of excitement in our little town of Narromine at the moment..... this is the view from outside my parents house a short while ago:

This roof covers the play equipment which is now completely underwater.

An old steam engine in the park

Football field

These ones were taken at the bridge on the edge of town:

Yesterday it measured 11metres..... today it's 13.1 and still rising.

Lets hope it doesn't get too much higher!
Until next time........


  1. Crazy weather hey! First we are in drought and now floods! I hope the water doesn't rise to either you or your parents' houses and that it subsides soon. Good luck.

  2. thanks for is unbelieveable isn't it........

  3. Oh dear! I hope the water level has started to fall! Here in Victoria we are expecting lots of rain soon!

  4. Oh my...that's a lot of rain!! We had hard rain last night but we never have flooding's much too dry and I live on a hill. Take care...stay dry!!


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