Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teacher Pressies

This afternoon I finally managed to get the kids teacher pressies done..... and just in the nick of time since it's the last day of school tomorrow!

Miss 11 has two teachers.... so I made a jewellery pouch for her female teacher and some rocky road for her male teacher (Men can be so tricky sometimes!). I also made a jewellery pouch for Master 8's teacher.

There are six little pockets on the inside to keep all that bling tangle-free and protected!

Tasty Treats for a Truly Terrific Teacher!

Phew.... another job out of the way!

Until next time........


  1. Those pouches are lovely, what great gifts, and it goes without saying that the rocky road will have been very much appreciated! Yum :-)
    Things get so crazy at this time of the year don't they?

  2. They are awesome im sure they will be very much appreciated :)

  3. Great gifts- wish I taught your kids! LOL!

  4. I'm sure the gifts will be much appreciated...Lucky Teachers!!! Dzintra♥x


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