Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 Items swap received

Oooops! Is it Sunday already? It seems I completely lost Saturday!
Anyhow.... here are the items that were made for me by the lovely Fiona of Dragonfly Crafts for our recent 6 Items Xmas Swap:
Lots of lovely' very spoilt! :)

1) Something to read:  2011 4 Ingredients calendar...lots of yummy looking recipe's here...Mmmm!
2) Something to eat: Cadburys delicious hazelnut chocolate....which may or may not be empty already.
3) Something Smelly: Scented soap and cute "rubber-ducky" washer.
4) Something for the Craft Room: Adorable little button tin.... complete with the cutest novelty buttons.
5) Something handmade: Gorgeous patchwork bag with "Friends" Stitchery
6) Xmas Item: Lovely red and white "spotty" oven mits.... love spots!

I have to show you some more pics of the awesome bag Fi made:

A nice roomy bag with little pockets on the front and Lovely fabrics!
and the sweetest little stitchery.... just look at their wild hair... love it!

Thankyou so much Fiona... next up, you'll get to see what I made for my partner... Dzintra!

Until then......


  1. They are super nice gifts.....And did you find Saturday....somewhere between a chocolate milk and a pie!!!!
    That Cadbury's looks like dessert maybe..LOL

  2. Glad you liked it all and I didn't think the chocolate would last long..... You have children!
    Now as for Saturday! I lost the whole weekend and can't believe it's Sunday night already :(

  3. Beautiful gifts, love the stitchery on your bag. I feel like I've lost most of last week! Hope your plans for Christmas are all falling into place for you.


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