Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oooops! and other stuff

My name is Thimbelina.... and I'm a bad blogger!

It seems my one year blogiversary slipped by on the second of October and I didn't even notice, LOL.
Things have been pretty hectic in my household of late which hasn't left me much time for my hobbies except for a couple of secret items. I've only got one more swap to complete now! YAY

My own birthday also came and went on the 19th and I had every intention of blogging about how spoilt I was....  Here are a couple of the crafty things I received.....
The dear little box held a Spotlight voucher! Most of my other things I received such as books, chocolates, wine and various kitchen and household items are now either spread out throughout the house or have since been consumed! YUM

I've also started working on this quilt which I picked up from my Uncle Ron on the weekend..... Sadly, It's one my Aunt didn't get a chance to finish before she passed away almost six months ago now and I'm glad to have been asked to complete it for her.

Hope you're all managing to fit in a little crafty time as the silly season approaches!

Until next time....


  1. Happy Blogiversary and Happy Birthday.... some lovely gifts.... that quilt you are finishing looks lovely.... and fun to do..

  2. happy blog birthday and real birthday...........time is flying thats why you missed it.......
    I am sure you will do a good job on the quilt.........very special.......

  3. Happy blogiverary and belated birthday.

    What a beautiful quilt for you to finish. I am sure you will have lots of lovely memories of your Aunt as you stitch.

  4. Your quilt is sew special! Have tons of good memories...

  5. Happy Belated bloggy-versary and birthday! I'm sure that this year has only had 6 months in it,that is why you feel like it has gone so fast!


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