Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day!

I hope all you wonderful Mums out there are having a fantastic day and being spoilt rotten.... I certainly am!
My day started with Croissants for brekky and some beautiful gifts and Miss 11 tells me she's cooking dinner tonight which means I should have the afternoon free to get a little sewing done..... Nice!

Here's a pic of the lovely Cake stand I received for Mother's Day.... I've been admiring these for ages.... isn't it lovely? I'm feeling the need to bake something this afternoon now!

It's sitting on top of the new table runner I made earlier this week..... another "Skinny Verna" just like the one I made Here, only about 10 inches longer.
Please excuse my dark photos... I really don't like taking them inside but wanted to show you how it looks on my timber dining table.

Until Next time.....


  1. Happy Mothers day to you as well Trace....glad to year you are being the cake stand, and the table runner, beautiful, it looks so good on the table, enjoy the rest of your day...

  2. Happy Mothers Day. That cake stand is gorgeous! It looks good on the table runner too.

  3. Well that is a beautiful Mother's Day present. And I love your table runners that you make. It looks perfect. I'd love to make one but my table is square.... And covered with my sewing. LOL!

  4. How spoilt were you! Your cake stand is lovely. It looks so good on your new table runner.


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