Monday, May 17, 2010

Deja vu

Sadly the Club Quilt retreat has to come to an end *sniff*.
Such a wonderful group of ladies.... we all sewed up a storm and there was plenty of inspiration to be found in watching everyone create. The view of the landscape from our cabin was amazing but would you believe I was "sew" busy sewing I didn't take a single photograph all weekend *gasp*.

Before I do any show and tell from the weekend, I have to show you what I made last week before I left and didn't have a chance to post about:

Another Abbey Bag

It's almost the same as the one I made for my friend back here, the only difference is the size of the button and the direction of the stripes on the inside pocket..... I just had to have one of my own to take on the retreat and I was so glad I got it finished. What a useful little item it is!

Will be back tomorrow to show you more!
Until then...


  1. I need to make one of these, whats the stuff called again? I need to get back on Etsy and buy know the stuff you poke the pins into. Lol. I bought the button thingys last night :-)

  2. Love the thread catcher...that is on my list to was a fab weekend Trace, glad you and Jo were able to make it.....

  3. Your Abbey bag is your fabrics (We have very simalar tastes as I made Abbey bag a little while ago)

  4. I'm glad you got your abbey bag finished in time for your quilt retreat. It's nice to take a new sewing companion away with you.


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