Thursday, May 6, 2010

School Mother's Day Stall

Last night I finished off the basket of goodies I've been putting together for the School Mother's Day stall that they hold each year and this is what I ended up with:
1x Covered Journal
4x Camera/Ipod cases
2x Makeup Pouches
2x Embroidered Facewashers
13x Covered Button Bookmarks
5x Pairs of covered button earrings

Miss 11 (Little Miss Thimble) covered all these buttons for me and I just glued them and packaged them so they look cute!

The small buttons for the earrings are a lot more fiddly so I was on my own with these... which is why there are only five pairs!
Edited to add: If you're looking for buttons and other bits and pieces like the bookmarks and earrings, pay a visit to Belinda at BJandLee on Etsy. She is really helpful and has loads of great stuff and I received my parcels really quickly.
Last year I made a heap of the little makeup pouches and Master 7 bought me one of the ones i'd made.... he's so cute! He chose the one that was in my favourite fabric too!

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  1. I spent the day today at my boy's school on the Mother's Day Stall. The children get so much pleasure from "shopping" by themselves for Mum. Their eyes just lit up when they came into the room and saw all the goodies there to be purchased!

  2. What a fantastic idea! All your sewing is so beautiful...just loved your bookmarks

  3. Gosh! You have been busy. It's nice that you also had a helper. I'm sure the other Mums at your school will enjoy receiving gifts made by you.

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous, there's going to be some really happy Mums on Sunday. What a lovely idea for Mother's Day. Is it a fundraiser for the school or are people selling on their own behalf? Just curious as we are always looking for ideas for our school PTA.

  5. WOW! So professional looking (Mum will think they were bought from a store).
    I'm sure there will be a lot of happy Mum's on Sunday. Just gorgeous.

  6. WOW and a double WOW Trace, well done that looks so good...

  7. Amazing stall goodies!Bet all the Mum's will love their gifts today. I love how you have packaged everything - it all looks so attractive. How special that Miss 11 helped too.

  8. Gorgeous bits for the stall - how did they sell???


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