Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just in Time!

You may remember me helping my friend Jess to make her very first quilt for her Mum's 60th birthday pressie.........

Well, it was sent off for quilting a little while ago so I called my quilting Lady last week only to hear the very sad news that her machine was broken and she was waiting on parts to come from America! I passed the news on to Jess who was devastated as her Mum's birthday is this Friday! A couple of days later I got a phonecall from Sue saying her machine was fixed & she was dropping the quilt off straight away.....all done! *Happy Dance*

Sooooo.... last night I machine stitched the binding on (no time to teach Jess this time) and then did some of the hand stitching for her, before dropping it in to Jess today who is hoping to get the rest of the handstitching done tonight!Sue has done a lovely job of the quilting as usual. She tries so hard to always have things done in time for special occassions and has never let me down...... her efforts are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Puh! A close call! Now you and Jess and your long-arm quilter can breathe easily :o) I'm sure Jess' Mum will be thrilled to receive this lovely quilt for her birthday!


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