Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday I set out to do a bit of sewing and first on the list was a nighty for Miss 10 that has been on my to-do list for quite some time. I had some very cute fabric with apples & strawberries all over it which i'd set aside especially for this pattern.

So I set to work...... and no sooner had I started when I realised i'd cut the pattern out incorrectly...... I had neglected to put the centre front of the pattern on the fold (gasp). So I thought, that's okay, i'll just put a small seam down the front but in the end that seam drove me CRAZY, I got the DIRTS, had a TANTY (swore) and threw the whole thing in the bin! I'm ashamed to admit how very wasteful i've been and had the garbage truck not come first thing this morning while I was still in bed, I think I may have gone and rescued it to see if I could make something else out the fabric (sigh).

This is the only scrap I had left to show you:

So all I have for the days sewing efforts are this tiny little Apple pincushion: And this half finished doll I ended up helping Miss 10 (aka Little Miss Thimble) with. By helping I mean I got to paint the eyes and instruct...... Hmmm, maybe she didn't trust me to cut and sew (go figure)! The apple pincushion pattern came from Dawn at UKlassinUS and i'm hoping to make a few more of them as it's very cute, although I am going to enlarge it quite a bit. The doll pattern is "Sweet Annie" by Country Keepsakes.
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  1. How frustrating is it when the pattern makes you make it wrong. LOL!
    Loved the fabric. Now on to the next project?

  2. Haha, glad I am not the only one to do that! I was making Maddi a gorgeous swing top out of some Amy Butler fabric, and decided to alter the pattern a little, and altered it way too to the bin it went. (It would have fit Grace but I was too cranky to see that at the time) She still asks me when I am going to finish that shirt. I havent told her I threw it out...temper temper ;-)

  3. oooooh dear my sweet friend.u arnt related to our boss r u!!!! i must say though seeing u tanty would be amusing...ralol


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