Friday, January 25, 2013

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

It's been so hot here over the last couple of weeks the only thing I've had the energy to do is sew....... everything else is just too much bother!

This Jelly-roll race quilt has now been sent off for quilting .... along with the quilt I made for Miss 13 way back in May last year. I can't believe it took me all that time just to put a plain white border on and join the backing!  How slack am I, seriously??

I used the instructions from 'Crafty Garden Mom' here (only I joined my strips on the bias) and armed with a Jelly roll of 'Pure' by Sweetwater I had the top together in a couple of hours.

This pattern was a perfect choice as the jelly roll was given to me as a gift by someone special - I loved the fabrics and didn't want to cut them up into tiny pieces where the writing and patterns would be lost.

Anyway.... I love how this top has turned out and will definitely make another one at some stage.



  1. Hi. I´ve also done one of this. Found the idea here
    The difference between them is the strip union. Personally I prefere the way you did, diagonal

  2. I agree Tracy, too pretty to cut up. Love these quick and easy quilts :)

  3. like this quilt too

  4. Your quilt is so beautiful - I love the combination of colours!


  5. Would you mind emailing me back and explaining how you join the jelly roll strips on the bias?


Thanks so much for your comments...... It's nice to know i'm not just talking to myself!