Sunday, January 6, 2013

Clever Master 10

We've just returned home yesterday after a very relaxing couple of weeks away with family..... we had a great time and hope you all had a very happy and safe Christmas and New year too!

I thought I'd start the year with a couple of brief posts about some things I seemed to have missed showing you late last year before I post my Art Folder tutorial for you.

First up.....These goodies were made by Master 10 and entered into the local show (Can't believe I showed you all Miss 13's creations and completely forgot about his.... Bad Mummy!)

Peek-a-book Toy Sack - Tutorial by Make it Perfect

A cute Cushion for his bed

 A plastic covered and lined Camo pencil case (front left)

All three of his creations won him first place in their sections and he was so pleased. He did extremely well....especially since this was his first attempt and sewing anything!

Until next time


  1. Glad you had a nice break.....very talented kids...

  2. well done master 10.... glad you had a good break...

  3. Congratulations to Master 10! What great projects.

  4. What a star! He will need a blog of his own soon!

  5. Master 10 you sewing legend - no wonder you won 1st place for all of your projects, they are great & love the fabric choosen too. That Peek-a-boo bag is a great idea. Tracee xx

  6. Happy New Year Tracey. Glad you had a lovely break. Now Master 10 is VERY taleted. Hope you have will (in the future) train/teach/show their partners how to sew as well :)

  7. Congratulations master ten! What a great idea to put the window in the toy bag!

  8. Oh wow, your boy is brilliant! I'm not sure I can do such things so good :)



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