Sunday, January 20, 2013

A4 Art Folder Tutorial - Finally!

Thanks to the lovely Suz from Patchwork and Play who was nice enough to trial the instructions for me (you should see her version on her blog shortly) and has given me the thumbs up..... I'm now happy to share my tutorial with you.

After struggling to get it to display properly in a post, I decided to go with a .pdf version instead.

And of course..... if you attempt one I would love to see it!

Edited 09/02/13 to add -
You can see the Art folder that Suz made here.... very groovy!
And Marilyn has one in progess here as well.... love the pirate fabric!



  1. Congratulations Trace, that is fantastic, very easy to follow instructions ...thank you

  2. Looks fantastic. Congrats :)

  3. Wowww great tutorial. Thanks for share:-)
    Hugs, Emanuela

  4. Hi - For some reason I am having trouble downloading the pdf. Are you able to send this to me, or do you have another link to this?


Thanks so much for your comments...... It's nice to know i'm not just talking to myself!