Monday, September 26, 2011

Shaggy Rainbow Quilt

I just had to share some pics of the gorgeous rainbow quilt recently completed by Miss 12.... it's one of the many first place winners she entered into our local show a couple of weeks ago and she was delighted to take home the junior champion ribbon as well. Why not pop over to her blog "Little Miss Thimble" and tell her what you think?? She'd just love that!

Complete with cosy flannel backing....

We saw this quilt over at Kerri's blog a while ago and both fell in love with it straight away..... it was the perfect choice for Miss 12 as the only thing she needed any help with was the corners of the binding and she had the whole thing completed in just under a week....even the hand-stitching of the bind!

Until next time.....


  1. I love the rainbow quilt! Is gorgeous :o)

  2. Wow it look fantastic. Its great to have inspired an up and coming quilting artist. Just gorgeous.

    Cheers Kez

  3. It's awesome..... well done...

  4. It looks so beautiful and bright!


  5. Just beautiful... Looks even better in person.


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