Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home for Summer

That dear little stitchery I showed you a few posts back has finally been made up into a cushion.
I just love this "Home for Summer" pattern by Anni Downs of Hatched and sweet!

I changed the back a little so I could use up some squares I had:

The fabrics were all scraps from my Angel's Story quilt......
 it's nice to put them to use and to complete a project at no cost!

I'm knee-deep in preparations for my Husband's 40th at the moment .....we have about 60 people coming tonight to help celebrate (I really hope the weather stays nice as they wont all fit inside, lol)!
I'm looking forward to catching up with friends old and new for a happy occassion.

Until next time....


  1. Love the cushion...have a great party!

  2. I love your cushion Tracey, just gorgeous!!! And I just love to take the book bag you made for me in the swap when I go out with a book (just had to tell you that)...Happy Birthday to hubby...have a wonderful time...Dzintra

  3. The cushion is really lovely.... have a wonderful party.....

  4. turned out lovely and the back is so cool with those cute buttons

  5. Really beautiful. I love Anni Down's patterns and I love the way you've made it up into a cushion.

  6. Well done!! Looks great....the birthday treats look great too. Love the kit kat idea.

  7. Absolutely sweet and adorable cushion - and finished perfectly!



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