Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday Bash

Just thought I'd share a couple of yummy pics from my hubby's 40th on Saturday night...... I'm thinking breakfast dessert might be the go this morning! :)

Mmmm..... yummy caramel mud cake!

This is the most delicious mud cake recipe..... I will have to post it so you can all try it too!
The decorations were partially inspired by the very talented Melissa from "My Cake School" blog.

And my little niece turned 5 on the same day so I had to make a cake for her too...
this one is chocolate with kit-kats and smarties (idea found here)!

Hmmm.... cakes, cheesecake, pavlova and rocky road.... where to start??

And I just have to show you the great caricature painting we had done as a birthday gift:
The artist is Graeme McCullough of Grazart Gallery in Dalby....very clever!
Hubby loved it and had the best night catching up with friends old and new..... we were both exhausted yesterday though after a 4am finish!

Until next time......


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time :) I've put on weight just looking at your gorgeous cakes!

  2. Fantastic cakes. Love the caricature. Sounds like a wonderful birthday.


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