Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a lovely day

Peg from Happy in Quilting invited me along to join the lovely ladies at Club Quilt today...... and what a lovely day it was. There was lots of show-and-tell from everyone and a constant flow of chatter, coffee & yummy goodies. I even managed to get a bit of stitching done on this little stitchery that has been sitting in my cupboard unfinished for quite some time. The pattern is called "Follow your Heart" by Picaninni Patchwork.
The writing that goes in the centre reads "Angels Watching over Me"

Miss 10 also came along and got a good bit of hand-stitching done on the bind of her first quilt.... I think she was a bit anxious about doing the bind but once she started there was no stopping her. She even continued when we got home and is doing a lovely job.

I didn't take my camera along.... but if you pop over to Club Quilt you can check out all the gorgeous show-and-tell that Peg will post over the next few days. Thanks for a great day ladies!

And when I got home I even had time to make some little rosebuds and leaves out of icing for Miss 10's birthday cupcakes I'm sending to school with her Tuesday. I've never attempted these before, but used the tutorial from The Frosted Cake and Cookie and they turned out pretty good.... Miss 10 was impressed!

My Hubby just informed me that I have "too much time on my hands"....nice!

Until next time


  1. Sorry I missed you today Tracy. I'm sure you had a lovely day with a lovely bunch of ladies....
    Hope to see you another day?

  2. So glad you had a fabulous time at Club Quilt....would love to attend myself but the 5 hr drive puts me off!
    That's great that Miss 10 went along and enjoyed herself; and that sewing down her binding is coming along well.

  3. What a lovely group for you and Miss 10 to be a part of. Have fun playing with her cup cakes.

  4. So pleased you had such a lovely day was just so nice that you came, I do hope you will be coming on a regular the stitching but those rose petals and leaves, wow..can't wait to see the cake.

  5. Just ran across your blog and I think it is great! I am a long arm quilter and I would love to see your finished white and pink quilt. I will be checking back!


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