Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Kal!

Last weekend was my friend Kal's birthday, so I just had to whip up another one of these cute little Buttercup Bags for her.....I really enjoy making these bags using the pattern from "Made By Rae" which you can find here and they hardly take any time to make. Once again, I enlarged the pattern to 140% like I did when making Nic's bag and I used the Calico lining again to make it nice and sturdy..... a girls gotta carry lots of "stuff". I also tried my hand at adding a little bit of piping on this one, which I'd never done before...not so sure I'll do it again... but it turned out nice, just a bit fiddly!
Here it is being modelled by my Miss 10 (Little Miss Thimble)

And a close up of the "Feeling Groovy" and "Roundabout" fabrics by Michael Miller

And best of all.....Kal loved it!

Until Next Time....


  1. Another beautiful bag. I love the fabrics!

  2. That bag looks fabo! I have been meaning to makethat pattern and will take your lead by upsiziing the pattern.


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