Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mishaps & Mahem!

Recently Miss 10 has been making lots of covered buttons and using them to make bookmarks, rings, earings & Magnets. I made sure she had plenty of newspaper spread out under her while glueing the pieces together and told her repeatedly to be careful with the super-glue..... and she WAS very careful.... that is until it came to finding a safe place for the finished items to dry! I admit, I did do a bit of ranting and Miss 10 was so upset with herself... she will be no doubt horrified that I've posted about it.

This picure is of my very favourite table runner, (given to me years ago by my Mother-in-law) which i've always used on top of our sideboard..... I love the look of white-on-white embroidery!

The missing piece of fabric.......superglued to my sideboard!

My now naked sideboard:
This lovely old sideboard is also a favourite of mine.... can you believe it had once been painted? My Father-in-law painstakingly sanded it all back and restored it for me. He spent so much time getting every scrap of paint out of the beautiful carved doors. He must LOVE me!

Our home is only quite small with no extra rooms for sewing so I usually just take over the dining table right beside the sideboard...... which led to me recently converting the sideboard into my new sewing cupboard. I love having all my goodies right beside much easier!

So today..... I've now calmed down enough to start making my new runner using these pretty Verna fabrics... I hope I like it as much as my old one:

Until next time


  1. Oh No!!! What a disaster for both of you. I hope you will be able to fix your beautiful sideboard.

  2. Bahahahahaha! <--- I can do that cause Im your sister

  3. OMGosh! I can't belive you actually put that on your blog. I'm so so so so so so so embarrased.
    You mean Mummy.


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