Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Goodies!

Here are a few more lovely goodies I received over Christmas:

A gorgeous hand-made Christmas Bon-bon that I received in our secret Santa swap at work...... It was full of chocolates which seem to have since dissappeared! I wonder who it could be from???

A great book and some lovely fat quarters from my Mum & Dad...... Mum has finally worked out i'm not so hard to buy for after all if she sticks with craft items! The cutting matt they're photographed on was my pressie from Hubby and the kids..... a generous 24" x 36" which is twice the size of my old one and so much easier to work with!

And a very cute Thankyou wallhanging from my friend Jess...... for giving her quilting lessons! Jess had to find someone other than me to give her lessons in hand stitching to make this as a surprise for me..... very sweet!
So as you can see i've been totally spoilt once again!
Take care


  1. you will love that big cutting mat I have one and it is wonderful to cut on so much better then the smaller one............

  2. Lovely presents and the big mat makes like a lot easier...

  3. Love all your gifts! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I have been catching up on blogs of the SSCSwappers - there were some great pressies flying around the world!!


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