Friday, November 25, 2011


Things have been so hectic here of late..... I have a list of things to do before Christmas that's a mile long! Normally I've finished all my Christmas shopping by now but not this time....I only purchased my first gift today!  Anyway, I've been a very slack blogger! I've had things to post, just no time or inclination to do it.

I wanted to show you the lovely Birthday gift I received last week from Leanne.... one of the lovely ladies in the Friends in Stitching online group that I'm part of.

Leanne is from all the items she sent had to start with the letter "P"
A very nice Pincushion
Gail Pan Pattern
Picnic chocolate bar

Spoilt!.....Thanks so much Leanne!

Until next time.....


  1. Belated Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a lovely day :)

  2. happy belated birthday............lovely gifts............

  3. Belated birthday wishes too! Cute theme for a package!

  4. Nice to see you back Trace....Leanne has done a lovely job with your gifts...

  5. So lovely... Hope you enjoyed your birthday and now have time to get back to Christmas. I'm so behind too :)


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