Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Circle is Complete!

For the last few weeks now I've been madly stitching this project and it's been killing me not to share it with you.... I soooo wanted to share!

About four years ago my wonderful friend Nic (Creative Disorganization) and I made a very special quilt for our dear friend Cath (no blog) and about two years after that I received the same quilt made for me by Nic and Cath. It's been a long time coming but Cath and I finally got together and made Nic her quilt so that we now all have a very special quilt made by wonderful friends and the circle is at last complete.  While all three quilts have been made using the same pattern and a lot of the same fabrics, they are all still unique and different and I love how they all turned out.

It's Nic's quilt that I've been madly stitching for the past few weeks as Cath really doesn't enjoy the hand-stitching side of quiltmaking (and she's way too critical of her work).... I put her to work doing lots of other jobs ;)
The blocks before they were joined.... except one which I must of missed photographing

The flimsy all ready to go off to the quilter.....
I sent it off on Monday this week and had it back by Tuesday!

All done.....quilted and bound, ready for wrapping!

All three of our beautiful quilts

The quilt I received for my Birthday two years ago:

Cath's quilt....the one that started it all!

The pattern is called "Friendship's Heart" by The Birdhouse and I think it would have to be one of my
all-time favourite patterns. The fabrics we used were from several different ranges allthough most of them were by Kansas Troubles Quilters.

I've set this to post later tonight, so that by the time it appears on my blog I will already be at Nic's birthday dinner and she will have no doubt opened her pressie.....why not pop over to her blog and give her some birthday LOVE!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIC!

Until next time........


  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate your friendship. Quilts are just lovely!

  2. It is a wonderful quilt! Love the combination of the rustic Kansas Troubles fabrics - perfect for this type of quilt design. And what a treasure for all of you to have one each that your friends have made :o) Hope you have a great time at the b-day party!

  3. It is all three wonderful quilts. I agree that this is a really nice pattern. I have made it myself a couple of years ago. You can see it on my blog. Have a nice weekend!!

  4. What a lovely idea. ALL three quilts are so beautiful. Great to see ALL three are now in their new homes.

  5. Hi beautiful friend...I'm still lost for words...And thats a first...I SLEPT UNDER MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP LUV FILLED QUILT LAST NIGHT...everytime I woke, it was like being surprised all over again...Friendships are together with family, are the sole strength of my existants.... Thankyou so much. XOXOX

  6. What a neat idea - a true friendship quilt. I have nearly finished the last block of one of these - you have inspired me to pull it out again!!

  7. Fantastic idea for a circle of friends! All three quilts look gorgeous

  8. What a gorgeous quilt and a wonderful present.
    Will pop over to wish Nic a Happy Birthday.


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