Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy, Busy!

I'm still here..... and would you believe I've been sewing like mad??
Not much I can show you yet I'm afraid. I've finished a swap pressie for the Nundle retreat coming up next month and I've also made progress on a Club Quilt swap item and another swap item for a Hatched and Patched swap with the Friends in Stitching group that I've recently joined. So.... lots of secrets I'm keeping from you....but not for too much longer!

I can however show you this little dress I made for Miss 11 yesterday..... she was recently chosen as the Sports Vice-captain for Namoi House at school this year and the house colours are yellow. It turns out yellow is not the easiest colour to find in clothing so I decided to make something quick and easy for her to wear to the school swimming carnival next week. I drew up a basic pattern using the little girls dress pattern from Retro Mummy as a guide (It only went to a girls size 6 and I needed a ladies 10). Surprisingly.....all went well and I think it turned out very cute!
We added the tie as an afterthought which gives it a little more shape.

Until next time.....


  1. You are obviously very busy at the moment with your bits n pieces! Haven't started my FIS H+P project, but have at least chosen the pattern. Daren't start work on it until I have finished what I am currently doing though. Miss 11s dress looks great!

  2. The dress turned out so well - clever you. Like Vicki, I haven't started by FIS project, but I know what I'm doing. Enjoy those secrets!

  3. Very nice for Miss L. Very clever with your pattern transformation....

  4. cute dress.........we have yellow/gold shirts so that is a good start..........

  5. A very pretty cool dress. Well done.
    Looking forward to seeing all your secret projects.

  6. You've done very well in converting the pattern...the dress looks gorgeous. Not an easy task finding age appropriate clothes (and shoes) for an 11 year old that's in adult sizes.
    I was thinking of trying one of Pip Lincone's patterns in So La Tea Do.

  7. Luv the yellow, lucky we are not doing the colour dress up thing. We are boring, arn't we!
    Looking forward to all the secret squirrels:)


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