Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playing catch up!

On Tuesday I had a visit from a dear friend of mine who was keen for a lesson on making a couple of items she'd seen on my blog:
We started on a book pouch for her Mr 10......
 in suitably blokey camo fabric:

And finished with a dear little Retro Mummy dress for Miss 1.....
who was NOT impressed with having to try it on at the end of a long day!

Overall, a productive day...............
Although, I'm surprised we got around to sewing anything considering how much talking we did!

Thanks for a great day Trish.....Hugs xoxo

Until next time....


  1. There is nothing nicer than sharing a day with a friend and to think you were able to get something made is FANTASTIC. I have had a friend stay for the week and I have not done a stitch. OH maybe in our sides from laughing only.
    Beautiful projects.

  2. And she looks super...saw her in spotlight stocking up....nothing like a sewing day with a friend!...luv the camo.


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