Thursday, September 23, 2010


While at Cobar last weekend I bought some fabric that I thought would look nice made up into a top.... I had a specific pattern in mind, the only problem was I didn't have the pattern with me when I purchased the fabric so I guessed how much I would need.....Not. Very. Smart! I ended up having to cut it a little narrower to squeeze it out of the metre of fabric I bought, with the result that...It doesn't fit me! :(

Here it is modelled by my Miss 11.... It's quite roomy on her but you get the idea :
The pattern is "Amelia" shirt pattern by Frogslegs and Ponytails... and I can't find the name of the fabric (which I'm well and truly over now)

Jo was delighted when I gave it to her at work today.... and it fits her very nicely so I'm glad someone will be getting some wear out of

Until next time......


  1. Awwww what a shame 'cause it's such lovely fabric. Hope you can whip another one up for yourself or on to another pattern/fabric....

  2. Lovely top. what a shame it did not fit you. I am sure your work mate was delighted.

  3. Nice work!! Was that an easy one to put together?

  4. Lucky Jo....poor did do a great job, maybe you need to give Colleen a call for more fabric,..

  5. OH have got i do least it didn't make the bin...its luvly fabric.


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