Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book pouch

I've been planning on making some book bags for quite a while now as Miss 11 is an avid reader and rarely goes anywhere without a book of some kind. It always upsets her when one of her precious books gets knocked about in her school bag and a leaking drink bottle is a disaster! I attempted one version with a flap and magnetic clasp closure which proved way too difficult to sew together since I was using plastic on the outside.

I ended up using the "Snap Happy" bag pattern by Stitchin' Sisters and just adjusted the measurements to fit a good sized book. I also sewed across the bottom corners so that it would have a flat bottom and used a layer of plastic over the external fabric to protect it a bit more...... Miss 11 is delighted! I just need to get busy and make a couple more now... Such a great gift for any reader and I could use one myself too!

I just love how this pattern uses a piece of old metal tape measure to make the snap closure....very clever!

Until next time......


  1. A great idea for xmas presents. Very nice

  2. What a wonderful idea... beautiful fabrics

  3. That is so lovely!!! im a bit anal about keeping my books in good condition.
    What type of books does Miss 11 Read? My Mr 11 is so hard to keep books up too recently has started the fantasy section of the library :)


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