Saturday, July 24, 2010

More cake - warts and all

I whipped up another cake yesterday afternoon for Master 8's birthday.... since almost all the muffins went to school with him! The idea of having a birthday without a party has been a difficult concept for him to grasp, so as a compromise he had a friend over for a sleepover for the first time. As is usual in our household the Birthday boy/girl gets to have their choice for dinner which meant nacho's..... he chooses the same thing every year! Overall... he had a great day and was one very spoilt boy.... which is what birthday's are all about... isn't it??

I kept the cake fairly simple.... a plain Coconut cake and once again used my piping bag to pretty it up:
While it may look pretty.... I can't say it's a recipe I'll use again (which is why i'm not giving it to you). I guess you'd say it was a bit tough and the kids weren't all that impressed so they traded their pieces for the last couple of muffins.... the cream cheese icing on the other hand is always a winner.

So there you have it..... not everything I make I is a success! lol

Until next time........


  1. The cake really does look good...& you don't know these things until you try them out.

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  3. 'Happy Birthday'Nic, You big 8 year old you !!!.
    Keep an eye out for that are in my diary on the correct day...I'm just a bit slow...(most people arn't in my diary on the correct day...lucy you lol)
    Cheers Nic

  4. The decorations on the cake are just beautiful. Sorry the recipe let you down. Best wishes to the Birthday Boy.
    Happy days.


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