Sunday, November 15, 2009

Off to the Quilter

It was an exciting week last week to get three quilts off to the quilter all at once..... i haven't had a chance to post about them sooner as i've been in Sydney for a concert all weekend and only just got home!

The first was my Angels Story quilt that i've already posted about, along with my friend Jess' first quilt which has had the borders put on it on Friday and Miss 10's (aka Little Miss Thimbles) very first quilt, which she's very pleased with!

Miss 10's gorgeous "stacked coin quilt" she made using the Moda bake shop tutorial and the lovely Soiree' fabric.

Jess' first quilt with it's completed borders made using Annie's "Town of Plenty" pattern and Winchester by Andover Fabrics. Unfortunately the photo's didn't turn out so well for this one but i can't re-take them now until it returns from the quilters.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh, Bloglines hadn't updated your latest post... Miss 10's stacked coin quilt is all done! And it is beautiful! So is Jess' Town of plenty.

    You must have had such fun taking these tops to the quilter, along with your gorgeous Angel's Story quilt!

  2. great quilts it is alwasy exciting once they have gone to be quilted...........then you can't weait to get them back.........

  3. Wonderful quilts! They will look so different once they are quilted ~ they really come to life.

  4. Beautiful quilt tops. Love the pattern & colours.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.


Thanks so much for your comments...... It's nice to know i'm not just talking to myself!