Friday, October 9, 2009

Time to Dress-Up

The last week of the school term saw me putting aside my quilting for a bit in order to make a dress-up outfit for Miss 10 to wear to the school social.

Miss 10 had her heart set on Tinkerbell, however, finding a pattern for a small women's tinkerbell outfit that covered her knickers was difficult. I ended up using the bodice from a dress pattern i already had "New Look 6557". I had to extend the length of the mid section by a couple of inches and then i drew up a petal shape pattern on baking paper and made 9 fabric petals to join together to make the skirt. Being a dress-up outfit I was able to just use velcro to fasten the back which was super easy and I completed the outfit with slippers to match, made from "Kwik Sew 3323". Overall it turned out pretty good & Miss 10 was delighted.

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