Monday, October 19, 2009

I've got Mum Sewing!

Today i spent some time teaching Mum how to make these lovely journal covers using the tutorial at Bloom.

I don't often get to sew with Mum as it's not really her 'thing'..... so it was lovely to spend the day with her doing something I love (She even admitted it was fun!).

The lovely Martha from Princess Martha suggested making them out of denim and even had her hubby deliver some to me when i didn't have any in my stash......and what a great result!
Thanks Martha xo


  1. Hello I've just come over from Chookyblues , I'm glad I did you have a lovely blog , thanks.

  2. I agree, you did have great results here. Came over from Chookyblue's blog to welcome you to our circle of quilting and crafting bloggers. Welcome!

  3. Wow they are really pretty, i agree its nice to have a day with your mum :)

  4. Also popped over from Chooky's..and have to agree you have a wonderful blog. Your covers are so cute and can't wait to try the bread! Nice to find you.

  5. Here from Chooky's. Love your blog, & good luck with it all.


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