Sunday, August 3, 2014

A quilt for Graham

I recently helped my dear friend, Cath and her family create this ‘blokey’ quilt for her father-in-law, Graham, who sadly is terminally ill. Cath chose flannels from the ‘Woolies by Bonnie Sullivan and Maywood Studio’ range which were just perfect for this project and combined with the ‘Shaggy’ quilt pattern made a lovely cosy quilt.  We also added in some white flannel, which not only lifted the quilt but gave the family a place to stitch a personal message on a couple of the blocks. 
The quilt was made over a weekend with the whole family including Mum, Dad & all five children (ranging from as young as 4 to 17) contributing to the process.
It was a very special project and I’m pleased to say it was absolutely loved by Graham when they gave it to him. The younger children especially delighted in pointing out which bits they’d had a hand in.


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