Sunday, April 21, 2013

Friendship Quilt Completed

So..... have I kept you waiting long enough?

Here it is all ready to go for quilting
and after a hastily stitched binding and label -

We travelled to Port Stephens for a surprise weekend away with a few other families at Port Stephens where we all spoilt my beautiful friend for her 40th birthday..... she was blown away with everyone's thoughtfulness and had the best time with oodles of great company, flowers, cake & chocolate!

And of course her new quilt
not the best pics.... just when I thought I was starting to master my new camera too!

I had to enlarge this one for you to see so it's a bit blurry..... but it seems someone got a bit hungry and helped himself to some chocolate.... Hmmm, I wonder how that happened? Pretty sure Miss 4 had nothing to do with it, lol (Trish was horrified). 

I hope Trish enjoys her quilt as much as I loved making it for her - I'm told it has been tried and tested and given the thumbs up for afternoon Nanna naps! Perfect!



  1. It's gorgeous... what a special quilt too and such lovely blocks...

  2. this is fantastic,well done on a beautiful finish.xx

  3. Such a beautiful quilt and perfect for a special friend.

  4. well done...I love it. and I even love it more when you know they are being used. how special!

  5. Such a beautiful quilt and a lovely present for her 40th :)


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