Friday, April 5, 2013

For Aunty Lin

I'm very pleased to finally show you this quilt completed.... I finished the top back here almost two years ago now and have only just put the finishing touches on it this Easter weekend. In my defense, it was at the quilters for over eight months but I had said I wasn't in a hurry for it (I think I was dreading all those fiddly yo-yo flowers).

The quilt was started by my beautiful Aunt, who passed away with it incomplete.
I finished the top and had it quilted, then Mum and I did the bind together and I sewed the yo-yo's and buttons on.... Nice that all three of us worked on it which makes it even more special to my Mum, who treasures it.

The dreaded yo-yo flowers!
I'm sure my Aunty Lin would have had a great laugh watching me make all those yo-yo's.... she tried to get me to do them for her before she became ill but I declined. I told her I would teach her how and then she could do them herself..... looks like she won that one! Makes me smile everytime I look at them now.



  1. Aunty Lin won! LOL - it looks fantastic Im sure she would be super pleased.

  2. The quilt is so beautiful, every small detail is charming!
    And it's great to have such treasure to remind you and your Mum about a special person...


  3. What a beautiful Quilt! And e real treasure which will remind you and your mum about aunty Lin.
    Hugs Marle

  4. Just beautiful Trace, look at all that work :)

  5. It is a beautiful quilt and a very special finish. Those yoyos will always bring memories of her every time you see them. Yes, she won!!!


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