Friday, February 8, 2013

A busy fortnight

I've stitched so much in the last two weeks that my fingers have been almost continually numb.... unfortunately I can only give you a sneak peak at this stage as I don't want to ruin the surprise!

As well as stitching I've made almost three dozen jars of Green Tomato Pickles.
These are a favourite in our household..... Yummo!

Hard to believe tomatoes this green could taste good isn't it??

I also made a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing for one of my husbands workers who has now retired..... we had a bit of a send-off for him last Saturday night.
 I was very pleased with how it turned out (my icing skills are definately improving.... Yay me!).



  1. Love the sneak peek, will watch this space! I've never tried green tomato relish before, might have to give it a go....
    Joe's cake looks amazing, and I bet it tasted great too!

  2. Your cake looks very professional! Bet it tasted delicious too.

  3. love green tomato pickles and that cake is amazing,well done.xx

  4. Hi Thimbelina,

    hm, we love green tomatos, too. Plant them in my garden not only for the reds, for the green fruits too. We eat them, as pickles, chutneys, pies and as fried green tomatoes.
    Carrot cakes are delicious, too and your's looking wonderful!

    Greetings Marle, GER

  5. You have been a busy girl. Love your quilt today :)


Thanks so much for your comments...... It's nice to know i'm not just talking to myself!