Sunday, March 27, 2011

G.D.I.T.C Swap Received

I know.... I promised this post days ago....Ooops!
Anyway, I finally took some pics of the lovely gift I received in the Hatched and Patched Friends Swap.... the cutest little mug bag made by the lovely Alison from "This Old Aunt Quilts" who just happened to be sharing the same table as me for the day of stitching. It was lovely to receive a gift from someone who's blog I was familiar with and to put a face to the name!

It has little pockets all the way around the outside so that I can take along my teabags/fake sugar etc and it was even made in my favourite!

With the cutest little stitcheries:

And the lovely china mug that I received on the day fits in it perfectly

Thankyou Alison....I've been wanting to make myself one of these for ages!

Until next time......


  1. What a pretty gift! I sure you will love using it and remembering your special friend every time!

  2. Gorgeous mug bag! I know Aunty was a bit worried about stitching so tiny but it was easier than she thought!

  3. oh what a great swap gift........nice stitching Alison.........

  4. what a beautiful swap gift,love the colour

  5. I love your mug bag you got with the tea pot and the cups stitched around it. How cute is that.

  6. i love your purse, i am also making a variation on anni s design, but i am using the wool

    the mug bag is gorgeous, i wonder if chooky will organise another one for next year?


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