Saturday, January 8, 2011

Now I can Sew!

You might be wondering where all my holiday sewing projects are?
These three quilts all came back from the quilter's just before Christmas but I haven't even had a chance to think about binding them yet....... soon though....very soon!

What I have been doing is some much needed sanding/plastering/painting around the house.....

The railing all around my back deck needed sanding and a couple
of coats of paint....very time consuming!

These timbers under the front verandah had never been painted!

A fresh coat of paint for the front door.....much more welcoming!

The hallway needed some plasterwork and a new, more neutral colour!

And finally.... I convinced Hubby to hang some nice timber blinds (that I've had in the shed for years waiting to be cut to size) on the three loungeroom windows!

As much as I would have prefered to be sewing, I'm so pleased that all these jobs are finally done. It's not often I get 10 straight days at home and I wanted to make the most of it, so after Christmas was over Miss 11 and I spent 4 days on the house. She was a wonderful help and I couldn't have got so much done without her..... It turns out she's pretty handy with a paintbrush!

Today I can finally SEW!

Until next time....


  1. all looks great........enjoy the sewing now........

  2. What a great sense of achievement you must feel! It is great to do a bit of decorating to start the new year off! Now you will enjoy your sewing!

  3. Your painting looks fantastic. Enjoy your sewing day. xxxx

  4. Such beautiful photos of your house.... what a great feeling to have so many jobs completed. We have the same chook at our front doors. Where did you get it? It came with our house but I have a friend that would LOVE it too.
    Enjoy some sewing now....

  5. The house looks fantastic, love the blinds. Go and enjoy your sewing now. Bec xxx


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