Friday, January 14, 2011


I've just joined a new Club Quilt challenge for 2011..... MIAF (Make it a finish)!
The initial idea was to make a list of all your UFO's and see how many you could finish in the year.... since I don't really have UFO's as I'm one of those odd people that likes to finish what they start before moving on to something else. I know. STRANGE! Anyway, it was decided that since Cath and I didn't have UFO's we could include projects we would like to make that haven't yet been started, so this is the list I came up with:

1) Bind Sweet Menagarie Quilt
2) Bind Stacked Coin Quilt
3) Finish Aunty Lin's Country Hearts Quilt
4) Finish Aunty Lin's Baby Quilt
5) Finish Cath's Country Hearts Quilt (she's never going's been 5 years now!)
6) Shaggy Quilt from Bliss Flannels
7) Bagalicious - Girl Friday Bag
8) Bagalicious - Pita Bag
9) Bagalicious - Sunrise Bag and Wallet
10) Quilt from Pure Jelly roll

The two quilts to be bound are actually my only UFO's although they've only been waiting to be finished for a couple of weeks.... there were three of them but I managed to get one done last Sunday which I'll show you soon. The two quilts of Aunty Lin's are ones that I inherited recently (sadly, she passed away about 6 months ago before she got a chance to finish them) and Cath's country hearts quilt belongs to a friend of mine who now has five children and very little time to sew!

Hopefully I'll manage to get them all finished this year!

Until next time......


  1. Wanna borrow a few of my UFOs for a while? Great idea for a challenge... I really should jump pn board!

  2. Love the colors in your quilts! Yummy

  3. Good luck with all your finishes.

  4. You will be busy...sure cathy will luv having her quilt done!...and you'll may need an bigger ladder for the rest.
    Cheer Nic


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