Monday, October 18, 2010

Wee little dresses

I almost forgot to show you these little beauties I whipped up a couple of weeks ago using Retro Mummy's great pattern..... this would have to be the simplest little dress pattern I've come across!

This one ended up being a bit too small for it's intended recipient....
so I'll have to make a bigger one and find a new home for this one (Size 0).

This one is on it's way to our little niece who has not long turned 2!

Aren't they cute?
 I'm thinking about buying the license for these so that I can make a few to sell at markets or maybe even in an Etsy shop sometime soon.

Until next time.......


  1. Very sweet! Great fabrics, as always. Where do you source your fabrics Ms Thimbelina? They are always so lovely, and I'm sure they're not from Janome Jean!

  2. Cute as a button...Thinking a BIG one on a grown up would be sice!

  3. Those little dresses are sooo cute! I love the choice of fabrics! I have a great niece who is so much fun to sew for, but it will be even more fun when she grows a bit more...she 6 months old now.

  4. yep, cute, cute, cute...wish I could fit
    Hugs Khris

  5. Just goregous Tracy and I'm sure you would do well selling them at markets & etsy.


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