Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Club Quilt

Another lovely day at Club Quilt on Sunday...... again I can't show you what I was working on as that would ruin the surprise (Sorry...I'm making a habit of teasing you aren't I?). There weren't many of us there this week but we did get a visit from the lovely Chookblue and family on their way home from holiday.... sounds like they had a great time and I'm sure you'll be able to read about it soon on Chooky's blog.

Anyway...I was lucky enough to come home with one of the GYMB prizes for the month...... a dear little Stitchers Companion made by Peg:
Such pretty fabrics and I love the ric-rac and covered button...very cute!
It's just the right size to carry a small project in when travelling.

Until next time......


  1. Lucky you. It is a lovely prize to win. I'm sure you'll make great use of it.

  2. Thanks Trace glad you liked my little treat...

  3. It is just lovely - I am sure you will put it to good use.... Yes you do have a lot of secret stuff going on lately :)

  4. of you won a lovely prezzie from Peg...........love the dress/tops you had at sewing and can't wait to see the bag finished.............very nice to catch up and hope to see you again this weekend.........

  5. You lucky girl...I love it..hugs Khris

  6. You lucky girl! Such a beautiful pressie.


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