Sunday, June 13, 2010

Never too old for Sleepovers!

I finally got motivated and did a little sewing on Friday night and Saturday morning thanks to my friend Jo...she is such good company and the hours seem to pass by so quickly when we get together. Our sewing was not without hiccups but in the end we both had something finished that we were happy with (and something unfinished that we weren't).

I started making the "Beaufort Bag" by "Hugs' n Kisses" which is the fourth bag from the "Bagalicious Club" (Ooops.. I haven't made the third one yet), however, it seems I was a little "cutting challenged" and made a big boo-boo which means I now have to get a little more fabric before I can complete it.... Not happy Jan!

My other project was the "Schoolhouse Tunic" from "Sew Liberated" which is a pattern I've had for quite a while. I always seem to procrastinate when it comes to making clothing for myself as they never seem to turn out quite how I thought they would. This one I think I may actually wear... although I was still very reluctant to put a picture of myself on here for everyone to see (hmmm.... it may disappear later). Anyway, I wanted you to see that I had actually been doing something!

Jo made the sweetest quilt top for her daughter's bedroom, which I'll hopefully be able to show you tomorrow once she sends me some pics.

Until then......
I hope you're having a great weekend too!


  1. I love your tunic! It looks great! I'd leave it up if I were you, never know who you might inspire... just sayin. ;)

    I haven't seen those bag patterns... looks interesting.

  2. I love the fabric that you are going to use to make your bag!

    I just love late night sewing :0)

  3. Good on you Girls... I love the tunic and that fabric you have used for it and the bag. Look forward to seeing Jo's project and your bag.

  4. I Admire anyone who can Sew Clothes...Great Job your Tunic looks Fab on You...

  5. You should be very pleased with your dressmaking skills. Your tunic looks great. Don't you just hate it when you make a cutting error. I did the same recently. Fortunately, I'd only just bought the fabric and could get more straight away. Your bag fabrics are lovely.


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