Sunday, June 27, 2010

And then there were two!

Well.... after my little cutting mishap a few posts back I had to order some extra fabric to complete my "Bagalicious Club" bag no.4.... which then meant I ended up with two finished "Beaufort Bags" instead of one!

I really love this pattern by "Hugs' n Kisses" which only uses two fat quarters (plus lining) to make and is super-easy and fast to complete.... Miss 11 (Little Miss Thimble) even made one with me and had it finished in a couple of hours. I'll show you hers once she gets a chance to post about it herself.
The fabric is French General’s Rural Jardin.

This last photo isn't very good.... but I had to show you that there are actually two of them.... opposite colours, thanks to my little cutting drama in the beginning!

Until next time......


  1. Two are better than one! I can't wait to see shat your daughter made.

  2. lovely have a extra present now.......

  3. Two bags are better than one anyway ! They look lovely !

  4. What a fantastic bag! Love the fabrics....

  5. It's very beautiful Thimbelina - I only wish I was as talented as yourself and Miss 11! The colours are lovely and make me want to buy fabric even though I would have absolutely nothing to do with it! Keep the pictures coming of your clever creations - I love them!


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