Friday, October 30, 2015

A Quilt for Linda

There’s a gorgeous lady that I work with who has been battling with her health for the last little while. All of us that work with her were keen to do something to let her know just how much she is missed and loved in our office so we decided to make her a quilt. Since most of the ladies I work with aren’t quilters, at times this meant stitchery lessons in the office…. which our boss was very lenient with. 

We decided on a pattern I had sewn a couple of times before - ‘Friendship’s heart by The Birdhouse’ with a few changes to the wording to make it more appropriate. We also changed the Cat block to dogs which Linda loves and used Hatched and Patched drawings for inspiration.

 We backed it in flannel so that it would be nice and cosy and personalised it with a special message.  

We’re all so thrilled to have Linda well again and back at work!



  1. What a lovely quilt for your friend. How lovely you taught the others to sew so they could have be a part of the making of it.

  2. The quilt is lovely. What a lovely thoughtful gift.

  3. That is just beautiful Tracy, what a lovely thoughtful gift for her xx


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